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Milly Mardi Gras tee

The Milly Mardi Gras tee was designed for a good time! This comfort Color tee will be one of your favorites! Not to mention, it’s for a good cause. A short story about the Milly Mardi Gras tee... my grandmother Mildred aka... “Milly” was an amazing, creative, and talented woman. She was known for her coconut cake and blueberry pies throughout southern Alabama. She had a heart of gold and a strong love for Jesus. Unfortunately, Milly is no longer with us. She passed away from a horrible disease known as Alzheimer’s. This tee was made in her honor. A portion of the sales will be donated to organizations that support Alzheimer awareness. #AlzheimersAwareness #PurpleRibbons #MillyMardiGrassTee #LaissezLesBonTempsRouler #GoYAKIN #ShopLocal